Digital Bunkering System


We empower the bunkering industry to increase profitability and efficiency through a world-class bunkering workflow management system.

We have been whitelisted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore effective 1 November 2023.

Challenges Faced

Issues that the industry are facing.



Unable to freely communicate with other stakeholders.
Manual Data Entry

Manual Data Entry

A lot of inefficient manual data entry for reporting.
Human Error

Human Error

Prone to human error and inconsistencies.
Lack of Accountability

Lack of Accountability

Difficulty in holding people accountable to paper work.
Prone to Forgery

Prone to Forgery

Stakeholders find it difficult to prove the authenticity of documents.
The power of BunkerFlow

The most versatile solution for the bunkering industry

Take your organisation to the next level with our system, tailor-made for the bunkering industry.

Offline Ready
Work offline without needing internet connectivity. Sync your data back to the cloud once network is available.
Secure system
Multi-layered security measures with data encryption and full audit trail.
Biometrics Enabled
Login to the portal with your device’s biometrics authentication platform. Works on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Build For Collaborations

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders, embedded systems and other software.

SS648/600 Compliant.
Collaborate with Bunker Craft Operators, Suppliers, Surveyors, Banks, Government and many more.
Automated Data Acquisition from flow meters, vessel, port databases, and many other platforms.
Seamless Reporting to MPA.

Verifiable Documents with smart contract

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. Part of our technology include:

Using OpenAttestation, an open-sourced framework by GovTech.
Based on Public Blockchain, Ethereum.

Designed to work on any platform

Our system works on virtually any major devices in the market, enhancing collaboration.

Supports any major operating systems and web browsers.
Responsive design.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Visualise your bunkering performance on a dashboard with charts and tables.

Filter your data by setting a specific date or a range.
Export your data in excel format.
Group data by barges, or receiving vessel.

Contactless smart forms

Fill up your documents with ease with a few clicks of a button.

Easy sharing with stakeholders.
Customisable forms to suite your business needs.

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